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About EmergingEd

Your leader in online skills training.

EmergingEd was created with a clear mission: To deliver high-value, industry-tested digital skills and knowledge to keep you on the leading edge of your field.

We Are...


The EmergingEd team brings decades of cumulative experience in online education to the creation and administration of our top-of-class online courses.


Our broad network of industry experts represents the pinnacle of innovation and effective leadership in today’s hottest tech fields.

One Step Ahead

We keep our finger firmly on the pulse of the rapidly evolving digital economy to deliver the up-to-the-minute course content you need, when you need it.

Our Approach

At EmergingEd, we design our online courses with the unique needs of professional learners in mind to ensure each of our offerings makes an immediate, positive impact on your career.


Convenient Delivery

Our courses can be completed 100 percent online to fit seamlessly around your personal and professional responsibilities.


Attainable Education

Our course content is industry-approved, outcome-driven and accessible to adult learners who have been away from the classroom for some time.


Dedicated Support

Any help you need navigating our online learning platform is just an email or phone call away. Our support team is here to answer your questions.

Meet Our Experts

The subject matter experts you’ll learn from in our online courses are innovators and leaders with a sterling track record of success in today’s top tech fields. They are executives, technology architects, educators, consultants, authors and visionaries who have helped define the standard of excellence in their respective disciplines.

Explore Our Disciplines

Why We Do It

Because the workplace is rapidly evolving.

54% of all employees will need to reskill or upskill by 2022.1

Because employers are struggling to keep up.

52% of IT leaders say skill gaps are a major challenge in their organizations.1

Because new opportunities demand new skills.

77% of companies are more likely to shortlist qualified job candidates with a record of upskilling.2

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