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FireEye Online Training Course

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Cybersecurity courses from FireEye.

There are two types of people: Those who are ready for cyber attacks and those who should be. We believe in training both.

FireEye’s cybersecurity experts are proud to deliver a new online version of the Network Traffic Analysis course, powered by EmergingEd’s innovative digital education platform.

FireEye is an intelligence-led security company, providing a single platform that combines contemporary security technologies, nation-state level threat intelligence and globally recognized Mandiant® consulting. With this method, FireEye removes the complexity and stress of cybersecurity for organizations that are struggling to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks. FireEye has more than 8,800 clients across 103 countries, including more than 50 percent of the Forbes Global 2000.

This course allows you to test drive the tools you’ll learn in the program. You’ll learn network security protocols and techniques that are instrumental in the real world, and then get hands-on experience in a virtual lab.

Our Cybersecurity Courses

Cybersecurity Discipline:
Network Traffic Analysis

This FireEye course provides hands on, tactical experience with network protocols, network architecture, intrusion detection systems, network traffic capture and traffic analysis. Through Live Lab Sessions you’ll study the types of network monitoring and tools used to identify malicious network activity and prevent sophisticated attackers from blending seamlessly with legitimate traffic. Explore the most useful techniques for investigating botnets and how to utilize honeypots in network monitoring.

4 modules (self-paced)
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Powered by EmergingEd

This online professional development course from FireEye is offered in collaboration with EmergingEd, a leader in online professional education. Through this partnership, we are able to provide industry-approved, expert-driven, high-impact course content to FireEye clients.