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Deliver on the Promise of Lifelong Learning

University Partnerships With EmergingEd

EmergingEd enables leading universities to rapidly launch and grow portfolios of 100 percent online courses that proactively meet the evolving demands of the job market today.

The dynamic courses delivered through affiliation with EmergingEd and backed by our partner institutions’ histories of excellence offer high-value professional tools and immediately applicable content to a broad community of lifelong learners.

Purdue LMU

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Why Partner With EmergingEd?

Join the cutting edge of continuing education.

We partner with companies and industry leaders at the forefront of their fields to deliver an ever-growing, always-relevant portfolio of online courses. Our up-to-the-minute course content is designed in collaboration with renowned faculty and chairs of academic programs, sought-after consultants, authors, researchers, and other experts, from leading organizations like Gemini, FireEye and HP.

Gemini HP FireEye

Explore Our Disciplines

Deliver dynamic, engaging non-degree courses.

EmergingEd conducts ongoing market research into workforce needs, emerging trends, and the specific tech-focused skills that professional learners want to develop. We create high-quality, robust courses that not only uphold the university’s reputation, but enhance it. We deliver best-in-class content derived from the real world through our proprietary learning management system to bring our courses to life.

Transform your alumni into lifelong learners.

Our courses allow you to build and strengthen your institution’s connection to alumni by serving their need to stay current and advance in the workplace. Our skills-driven content and interactive course platform broaden your footprint, allow you to engage your alumni across their careers and elevate your reputation as a provider of relevant continuing education.

Generate incremental revenue.

With EmergingEd you can generate additional revenue by offering non-degree courses in technology-forward subjects with little to no additional oversight or cost. Our online courses are turnkey offerings—and we provide a seamless e-commerce platform to collect electronic payments.

Our Six Disciplines

We offer online courses in six technology-forward professional disciplines. We have chosen these subjects for our university partnerships because of their current and projected demand in the job market, their potential to fill unmet needs in university portfolios of course offerings, and the rapidly-evolving nature of their technical skill sets and tools.

Cybersecurity Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Foundations and Frameworks
  • Cybersecurity Risks and Industry
  • Cybersecurity Cases
  • Cloud Security
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Network Traffic Analysis (in partnership with FireEye) Coming soon!
  • Building a Threat Hunting Capability Coming soon!
  • Building a Red Team Capability Coming soon!
Data Science Data Science
  • Machine Learning Foundations and Frameworks
  • Machine Learning and Industry Coming soon!
  • Machine Learning Cases Coming soon!
Blockchain Blockchain
  • Blockchain Foundations and Frameworks
  • Blockchain and Industry
  • Blockchain Cases Coming soon!

And more courses coming soon in Health Tech, Digital Marketing and Design!

Become a University Partner

To learn more about partnership opportunities with EmergingEd, contact our sales team at +1 (888) 311-4933 or email us at

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